How to choose a good T-shirt printer


choose a good T-shirt printer

With the improvement of special ink for clothing, T-shirt clothing printer before the problem of color fastness has been completely solved to achieve the industrial use of T-shirt printer, in the process to completely replace the traditional screen printing technology. In the printing effect is better than the traditional printing effect!

How to choose a good T-shirt printer? T-shirt clothing printer which is good?

1. Choose the right printhead

Here to compare the first few of the current hot printheads. Epson, Ricoh, Seiko. These three printheads are three different groups from the country of Japan. Each has its own advantages.

Epson printheads mainly print water-based ink, it is only 3.5pl inkjet point, the highest degree of print fineness, bright colors, suitable for high precision requirements of the product printing!

The disadvantage of the Ricoh printhead is the high manufacturing cost. gen5 variable ink point 7-35PL, but its industrial printhead, printing speed, long life some. But the fine degree is not good enough!

The disadvantages of the Seiko printhead, because it is an industrial printhead, to ensure that the head is not blocked, the inkjet point is relatively coarse, 35pl. Precision printing is not high, so the print out of the product particles are relatively large. Generally suitable for large-format printing of advertising, printing small format material accuracy is not enough. Nozzle life is generally used in as long as 3 years

So in summary, the general T-shirt printing width is not very large, and T-shirt pattern on the finer requirements, so the Epson printhead T-shirt printer is your best choice!

2. Choose the right model

General manufacturers have A3, A4, 1.2 meters, 1.6 meters and so on various widths of T-shirt printer, this should be based on their own output to make a reasonable purchase, the width of the machine, you can put more than one station fixture, to achieve several models of simultaneous printing! 

A3/60cm DTF Printer for T-shirt Price

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3. Choose a professional factory

Here we have to talk about the gap between the conversion machine and other brands of machines, because the flatbed printer market space is large, so now a lot of new companies, but a machine from research and development, testing to the final market, it takes about 3 to 5 years, a company that has just been established, the technology is not enough. So, choose the company must choose more than 5 years of the company, they have their own core technology precipitation, have their own R & D strength, the machine is more stable, better printing results!