The DTF printer is a direct transfer film printer developed for customers who want high quality and do not need large-width machines. Textek DTF printers offer greater continuous print stability, compatibility with more software, and better print fineness, making DTF printers the most advanced DTF solution on the market.

DTF Printer Manufacturer

Textek is a professional dtf printer manufacturer, which can offer you full series DTF printers, from A3 size to large format size DTF printer. Besides this, we can also provide high-quality DTF ink, DTF powder, pet film, powder machine, and heat press machine. One-stop service, to help you improve your business.

Textek’s dtf printers are exported all over the world, such as the USA, Europe, South America, South East Asia, and Africa. With our experienced craftsmanship, scientific management, and advanced equipment to ensure the quality of the products we produce, we have won our customers’ trust and established our brand.

How much does a dtf printer cost?

The price of a DTF printer is 3000-7000 US dollars, please feel free to contact us for the latest quotation!

Textek has been insisting on the innovation and R&D of digital printing technology, launching DTF printers with higher precision and more stable printing operations. The main accessory printheads are all Epson printheads with high precision, high speed, and long life, suitable for high-speed transfer and direct print.

A3/30cm DTF Printer

A3/30cm DTF Printer

Printhead: 2*EPSON F1080 Printing Speed: 4.5sqm/h Print Width: 30cm(12 inch) Ink: CMYK+W Pigment Ink Ink Color: 6 Color Printing RIP Software: RIIN/Flexiprint/CADlink/Maintop TEXTEK DTF Printer TEXTEK is a professional that specializes in print functionality and ...
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UV Flatbed printer 3040

UV Flatbed printer 3040

Print head: EPSON l3200-U1 HD Printhead Printing speed: 0.28m²/h~3m²/h Print width: Platform:297*420mm Print Media: Glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, leather plastic, etc. Print Media Thickness: 1mm~90mm Ink: Environmental friendly UV curing ink Color ...
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60cm dtf printer

60cm DTF Printer

60cm dtf printer Printhead: 2/3/4*Epson I3200-A1, EPSON I1600-A1 Printing speed: 12-15 square meters per hour Print width: 60 cm (24 inches) Ink: Pigment ink Ink color: CMYK+W printing/+more than 10 Fluorescence Color Printing RIP software: ...
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60cm UV DTF Printer

60cm UV DTF Printer

Printhead: 3/4*EPSON I3200-U1 Printing Speed: 6PASS 3-10㎡/h, 8PASS 2.5-8㎡/h, 12PASS 2-6㎡/h Print Width: Max 700mm Ink:  G+W+CMYK+V Ink Machine size: L/W/H: 1800mm*870mm*1600mm Laminator: Integrated automatic laminator Ink supply system: White ink circulation and stirring RIP ...
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How to Choose a DTF Printer?

DTF printers can be said to be very much, what kind of manufacturers are there. This type of printing equipment is just a different board, different ink circuit, different ink supply system, different nozzles, and different workmanship, and then adds a different after-sales service power. Broadly speaking in the purchase of a white ink printer for production purposes before, you can examine the following three aspects.

There is no best machine, only what suits you is the most important. In the choice of DTF printing machine, should be combined with your actual situation and needs, do not choose expensive, only choose the right ones.

Advantages of DTF Printing

Good printing effect
High printing accuracy, rich and vivid colours, natural transitions and clear patterns.

No need to make plates, flexible batch, not limited by the pattern, and the image can be modified at will, both to achieve single piece production, but also for mass production, production cycle is short, fast delivery.

Eco-friendly and pollution-free
Low energy consumption, low pollution and low noise, no waste water is produced during the whole printing process, low noise, a real pollution-free production technology.

Fast response time
Greatly shorten the production cycle, no plate making, one time forming, all products can be printed by one key operation, fast response time, high flexibility, production batch is not limited in any way. For small batches, same-day delivery is even possible.

Cost saving
Digital printing machine covers a small area, no need for a large plant, save space and space costs. Digital printing machine operation is intelligent and automatic, one operator can watch over the normal operation of multiple devices, greatly saving manpower costs.