65cm DTF Printer

  • Printhead: 2*EPSON I3200-A1
  • Printing Speed: 15sqm/h
  • Print Width: 65cm(24 inch)
  • Ink: CMYK+W Pigment Ink
  • Ink Color: 4 Color Printing
  • RIP Software: Maintop, Photoprint


Model FD65-2 DTF Pet Film Printer
Printhead  2*Epson I3200-A1
Print speed 4pass 15sqm/h
6pass 10sqm/h
8pass 8sqm/h
Print Width 65cm
Ink Colors  C M Y K + W
Ink Type Pigment Ink
Consumption CMYK is 15-20ml/sqm, CMYK+W is 25ml/sqm
RIP Software Photoprint
Interface USB2.0 USB3.0
Print File Format BMP, TIF, JPG, PDF Etc.
Heating System Extra Front Heating System
Feeding Method Roll to Roll, Leaf
Color Management ICC Based; Density & Curves Adjustable
Power Supply 50HZ/60HZ, 220V, 10A
Packing Size (L*W*H) 1760*1000*1000mm
Machine Weight 150KG
Working Environment Temperature 20C-35C (68F-95F)
Working Environment Humidity 35%-65%Rh


1. Original Epson I3200-A1 printhead, high printing accuracy, high printing color reproduction.

2. The liftable capping station can adjust the height of the capping station to ensure full contact with the print head.

3. High-precision platform, good quality, small platform error, more stable operation of the carriage.

4. CMYK+W ink printing, brighter colors, fine ink is not easy to block the printhead.

5.We also provide consumables, including DTF ink, pet film and powder, start printing easily.

6.Wide range of applications, can be used in T-shirts, sportswear, shoes and bags, etc.