Which is better DTF or HTV?


What is DTF printing?

Direct to film (DTF) printing is a multi-step process for clothing decoration in which an inkjet printer applies ink to a film made from PET.

An adhesive is then applied to the print and the print is cured at high temperature. This curing process allows PET films to be preserved for a long time without significant loss of image quality.

When printing shops want to use DTF prints, they simply prepare the fabric as needed and then use a hot press to apply the printed DTF image directly to the garment. The image is fixed to the garment using the adhesive in step 2 by applying heat and pressure from a hot press.

DTF printing is a process in which an inkjet printer applies ink to a film of PET and then solidifies it. A printer can then use a hot press to apply the printed image directly to the garment.

What are heat transfers (HTV)?

Heat transfer vinyl is a special type of vinyl used to decorate or personalize T-shirts, clothing, and other fabric items. HTV contains a heat-activated adhesive that, when pressed with sufficient time, temperature and pressure, causes the vinyl to permanently transfer to your garment.

By using a vinyl cutter, you can cut digital designs into vinyl and then use a hot press to transfer those designs onto your T-shirts or clothing. The result is impressive, high-quality bespoke clothing with exceptional durability as well as look and feel.

One of the great things about hot-pressed vinyl is that it comes in many different colors and finishes — glossy, matte, flocking, elastic, glow-in-the-dark, flash HTV– you name it! No matter what your project is, use hot-pressed vinyl. No matter what your project, there is one type of HTV that is perfect for you.

Which is better: heat transfer (HTV) or DTF?

This is a very subjective question and it depends on your personal situation and what you are trying to accomplish.

If you’re not familiar with printing, heat transfer is a better place to start than DTF printing. DTF printing has higher initial cost, more advanced technology and requires more consumables to get started.

If you already own a print shop, DTF printing may be better than heat transfer. DTF printing is widely used, similar to the process of creating thin films for screen printing, and can ideally produce high-quality products.

Advantages of DTF printing:

  • Full color image
  • Widely used to print items that are difficult to print
  • Larger print
  • Quick turnover

Advantages of HTV printing:

  • Low cost, low overhead
  • Using a simple
  • Many options
  • Time-tested

So before you decide whether DTF printing or HTV printing is right for your business, consider what you need to get out of printing technology.

If you need speed, flexibility, multiple colors, and decorating many different items, maybe DTF is more suitable. If you stick to sportswear and just want to make simple projects, HTV may be perfect for you.

Difference between DTF and HTV

Different production processes

HTV uses a cut plotter to carve patterns on vinyl. You need to remove the excess parts, then iron the pattern on the clothes, and finally tear off the PET release film.

DTF printing is to first print the designed picture on DTF film, and then cover the pattern with hot melt powder, and then bake and melt. Finally, patterns are transferred to products of various colors and materials through heat transfer.

Different product characteristics

HTV is usually monochrome. Because craft and material are different, can distinguish a different quality of a material, if glance, shine, metal, plant flocking to wait. At the same time, it will not be deformed after hot stamping at high temperature, environmental protection, non-toxic, suitable for stamping individual patterns on various textiles.

DTF printing can be printed with DTF ink (CMYK+W), showing a variety of colors, and can also be printed with DTF fluorescent ink with fluorescent effect patterns. Compared with HTV, DTF can print finer lines and will not deform after high temperature heat transfer. The effect of transfer is smooth, with good elasticity, tensile resistance, good washing effect.

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