Best dtf printer for small business


Best dtf printer for small business

DTF Printing is Ideal for small business

Screen printing involves a dozen steps, which means it is usually cost-effective only for the simplest designs or the printing of a large number of garments. Designing a DTF print pattern is as simple as designing it on paper — your design is sent from the computer to the DTF machine, and the printer does the rest.

In fact, DTF printers may look different from traditional paper printers, but function similarly to other inkjet printers, such as DTG printers that use digital piezo print heads to print images directly on clothing. While screen printing undoubtedly still has a place in the garment industry, DTF printing makes it more affordable for small businesses or textile establishments that want to do small orders.

What Is Direct-To-Film Printing?

Direct to film printing is an advanced method of transferring design directly from thin film to fabric. The process is an innovative alternative to screen printing, but is faster and more efficient in practice.

  • The main feature of DTF is its freedom to use any fabric. DTF printing machines are compatible with a variety of materials and can produce colorful and durable designs.
  • This method involves the use of A PET film and a six-colour ink tank.
  • These printers can be integrated into computer software for a wide selection of printing, ink and color properties.
  • DTF prints are coated with adhesive powder to make them more durable.
  • This process eliminates any pre-processing requirements, toning, darkrooms or drying periods and works with both light and dark fabrics (images also dry in just a few minutes!). .
  • DTF printing cuts heavy investment requirements and is operated with CMYK ink.

Other elements involved in direct to film printing are: a self-shaking bed to remove excess powder, a curing furnace to melt the powder, a hot press to transfer the image, and ink as the pigment for the image.

DTF Printer for Sale

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DTF Printing Process

What Can You Use DTF Printers for?

You can use a DTF printer for a variety of purposes. These include the following.

Commercial printing

Using these printers for commercial printing will help you save time and money. In particular, it facilitates the rapid production of high-quality prints on a large scale.

Companies can use them to create promotional materials. Make them the best choice for marketing campaigns. The ability to use DTF printers to design your T-shirts makes these printers great for entrepreneurs.

Make art and design works

High resolution DTF printers are perfect for producing high quality artwork. They carry color accurately from one layer to another. You can print any design or artwork digitally on request. Plus, you don’t have to worry about color combinations because all the work is done on your computer.

Personal use

Digital T-shirt printers are great if you want to print sheets, photos, or anything for personal use. You can easily print anything you want. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about any color combinations because you have complete control over the process.

You can also use this printer to design your clothes. It’s easy to create a pattern on your computer and print it directly onto your clothes.